PMC Fact-8 Signature (Metallic Graphite)

Offered by: Basically Sound, Reymerston, Norwich - United Kingdom

PMC Fact-8 Signature (Metallic Graphite)

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Original retail price: £8995

Advert reference: 20782

Listed in: Floor-standing speakers

This item comes with:

  • Original packing
  • Original manual
  • All original accessories
  • PMC Fact-8 Signature Loudspeakers
  • Superb condition & they sound fantastic too
  • Finished in Metallic Graphite
  • 2-way ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) design
  • Adjustable crossover settings
  • c/w original packaging and accessories
  • Remainder of PMC's 20 year warranty applies

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Basically Sound

Calveley Court
Southburgh Road
Reymerston, Norwich
NR9 4QD - United Kingdom

Phone: 01362 820800

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