About iDreamAV

What is iDreamAV?

iDreamAV is a user friendly HiFi and Home Cinema marketplace. It combines the benefits of high-value used and ex-demo AV equipment, alongside the expertise and piece of mind provided by well-respected specialist Hi-Fi dealers. 

High quality HiFi equipment represents astonishing value. It brings hours of listening pleasure and relaxation to its owners and is the best way to reproduce great sounding music. HiFi and Home Cinema equipment also enjoys a life span way longer than most consumer electronics products.

Buying HiFi products brand new is a great way to go - except many enthusiasts can't afford to do that every time. This is where the added value of used or second hand HiFi equipment comes in. Ex-demonstration equipment used only by the retailer is also a great way to buy - and you’ll find all these on iDreamAV.

Does iDreamAV sell equipment?

No. iDreamAV is a marketplace for specialist HiFi dealers offering second-hand, ex-demo and end-of-line equipment. We don’t stock or sell products ourselves.

Music and movie lovers use iDreamAV to find their perfect equipment and establish contact with the dealer to make a purchase. Many dealers also offer a ‘buy it now’ option on their listings.

Why should I use a dealer?

Every dealer advertising on iDreamAV is a HiFi and/or Home Cinema specialist and a full time business. We insist on that. We believe that specialist, professional HiFi dealers are by far the best place to buy your HiFi and Home Cinema equipment. They offer expert advice, demonstration facilities and partnering equipment - and often offer finance options too.

Who’s behind iDreamAV?

It’s owned, designed and built by Presto - a specialist web design agency that works with HiFi, Home Cinema and Smart Home companies.

Presto is owned by Geoff Meads, a HiFi and Home Cinema industry professional for over 20 years. Geoff worked in key international marketing roles for Arcam for much of his career and now runs Presto. He's also lead instructor for CEDIA in Europe, sits on their global Professional Development Council and is lead technical judge for the CEDIA Awards. In short, he knows the industry very well indeed.

If you love music and movies iDreamAV is for you. We know you enjoy building your perfect HiFi or Home Cinema system - and we're here to help you do it.

Reasons to use iDream...

High Value Equipment

Everything on iDream is used, ex-demo or end-of-line meaning you get all the performance at a fraction of the cost.

Trustworthy Sellers

All iDream, sellers are full-time businesses with a commitment to looking after their customers.

Payment & Finance Options

iDream sellers offer a wide variety of payment and finance options making it easy to own exactly what you want.