SME Model 30/2 with Series V Tonearm (Black)

Offered by: Studio AV, Chobham - United Kingdom

SME Model 30/2 with Series V Tonearm (Black)

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  • All original accessories

With its many original design features the Model 30/2 is a unique turntable. There are no critical adjustments or setting up procedures. Its immaculate construction and finish stem from facilities and uncompromising quality control which have made SME a byword for engineering excellence. Judged by Germany’s AUDIO 'the best turntable of all time' the Model 30/2 can be for the fortunate owner of an analogue collection the key to lasting musical enjoyment.

SME have built pick-up arms for more than thirty-five years and the design and engineering experience gained has been applied in the Model 30/2, a precision turntable created to compliment the SME Series V regarded by many as: 'the best pick-up arm in the world'.

This is a unit which StudioAV have taken as a trade-in. It was purchased brand new in 2019, so has had comparatively little use when it's total potential lifespan is taken into consideration.

StudioAV will offer a full year warranty on the unit, and welcome payment by card, cash or bank transfer.

For further information, or to arrange a demo, please call on 01753 863300

Happy to ship worldwide, the unit comes still packaged in it's original wooden shipping crate.

Stock photo, if interested we are happy to provide images of the unit itself.

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Offered by:

Studio AV

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GU24 8UL - United Kingdom

Phone: 01753 863300

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