iFi Audio ZEN DAC V2 (Pre-Owned)

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iFi Audio ZEN DAC V2 (Pre-Owned)

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The hi-res USB DAC and headphone amp offers detail for all your digital music, creating a performance greater than you might expect from its compact design. The ZEN DAC V2 is an ideal match to your favourite headphones, creating a high quality desktop system for improved PC audio. Simply connect via the USB port and listen with your headphones. Or, add the ZEN DAC into your hi-fi system and connect it to your powered speakers or amp.

The ZEN DAC V2 supports a wide variety of file types, including PCM and DXD up to 32-bit/384kHz as well as MQA files and DSD, meaning you won’t have to worry about compatibility. With a True Native Burr-Brown DAC chip design, hear your music bit-perfect, in hi-res. Featuring an upgraded digital engine with 16 core XMOS chip, the ZEN DAC V2 is a true MQA decoder, able to authenticate the MQA stream.

With a balanced analogue stage, the ZEN DAC V2 keeps the left and right channels separated, resulting in a super low-noise performance with minimal crosstalk, so you hear more of the music. The ZEN DAC features Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced outputs on the front and back panels, as well as a 6.35mm headphone output. With variable and fixed output, the ZEN DAC can be used a preamp in variable mode, acting as a preamp to powered speakers, or with fixed output sends the signal directly to an external integrated amplifier. This gives you the best of both worlds, with flexibility on how you want to connect.

Featuring front panel controls, PowerMatch and TrueBass, the ZEN DAC allows you to get the best out of your headphones. Use PowerMatch for extra gain with low impedance over-ear headphones for more power, while TrueBass is an analogue bass boost if you like a little more bass in the music.

iFi Audio ZEN DAC V2 Headphone Amplifier and DAC features

  • Simple desktop audio setup for PC and headphones
  • Connect to your hi-fi amplifier for improved digital audio conversion
  • PCM and DXD up to 32-bit/384kHz
  • True MQA decoder, authenticating the MQA files or streams
  • Balanced analogue design with dual mono headphone amplifier
  • Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced outputs, 6.3mm headphone out
  • PowerMatch and TrueBass get the best from your headphones

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