Pass Labs XA100.5 Monoblock amplifiers

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Pass Labs XA100.5 Monoblock amplifiers

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XA100.5 100 Watt Class A Mono

The single largest jump in performance in the Class A series.  Sonic presentation rich in sonic layers, textures and minute albeit never over etched detail.

XA100.5 / Specifications

Gain (db)


Power Output /ch (8 ohm)


Power Output /ch (4 ohm)


Input Impedance,(Kohms)

30 / 20

Leaves Class A @ pk Watts


Power Consumption (W)


Dimensions (W x H x D)

19 x 9.2 x 21.5

Unit Weight (LBS)


Ship Weight (LBS)


Ship Weight (LBS)





What is the difference between the XA.5 and the X.5 amplifiers?

The XA.5 amps are Class A (low rail voltage and high bias current) and the X.5 amps are high bias AB (high rail voltage and lower bias current).

What does the meter do?

The meters reflect current draw (bias).

How hot do the amps run?

About 25 deg centigrade above ambient. If your room is warm the amps will run hot, if your room is cool the amp will run cooler. On average they run around 50 deg centigrade - hot to the touch but not hot enough to burn or cause any harm.

Do the amps need to break in?

Yes. Most improvement comes in the first 24-36 hours, after which the amps will continue to improve as long as they are left on.

Why Class A?

Because it sounds better - pure and simple.

Why Class AB?

More power - less heat.

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