Cyrus X200 Pair Quartz (Pre-Owned)

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Cyrus X200 Pair Quartz (Pre-Owned)

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With the new Cyrus Mono X200 Mono power amplifier, Cyrus has pursued Zero Feedback technology because it brings some very special attractive sonic benefits. The design new Mono X 200 allows the key stages in our amplifier to work independently without the hindrance of global feedback. In a traditional amplifier the corrective actions necessary in the output stage to drive a loudspeaker are fed through the entire amplifier, disturbing unnecessarily the input and voltage amplifier stages. To put this another way, it allows the first stage of the amplifier to operate without the unwelcome influence of the latter, separate voltage and current stages. ZF amplifiers are only possible when one understands how to prevent distortion in the first place. They require very advanced circuit topology and close tolerance components. Like our SE CD players, we want to deliver the best performance at source as this is the place where we will improve the sound most.

Another benefit with the Cyrus Mono X200 Mono power amplifier is that Cyrus' Zero Feedback amplifiers are able to create an uncanny sonic blackness onto which we paint our musical image. They can achieve this because as the output level reduces to lower levels, where the ear becomes most sensitive to these effects, the distortion produced by the new Cyrus Mono X 200 models falls below measurable limits. The result is an exceptional musical performance.

Cyrus have invested in this new ZF platform because we have found these powerful amplifiers preserve the full drama of the musical event yet retain our trade mark open sonic sound-stage. To our ears this design technology brings an inherently natural performance with an unusually quiet background. Although a real challenge to produce commercially, our Zero Feedback platform allows us to retain our famous "larger than the speakers" sound stage yet drive demanding loudspeaker loads with ease.

Ultimately for Cyrus it's all about challenging our R&D team to harness technology so we can deliver stunning sound quality and our personal passion to push our performance further up market.

  • Significant advance from the previous generation Mono X
  • Based on the same core technology as the Mono X 300
  • Offers the same advances in resolution, timing and soundstage, but with a power output of over 200 watts
  • Dynamic power output of over 1.5 K watts
  • Available in Brushed Black or Quartz Silver

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