Sony VPLVW260 4K Projector Black (Display Model)

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Sony VPLVW260 4K Projector Black (Display Model)

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The VPLVW260 is the new 4K projector from Sony, which offers a true 4K resolution through native SXRD panel technology, delivering four times the quality of 1080p High-Definition video. Though it offers a cinema-like experience, every aspect of the VPLVW260 has been designed to fit within modern home theatre rooms and living spaces. This projector will deliver the stunningly detailed image and absolutely astounding vibrancy in colours that one would expect from a movie theatre, right in the comfort of your armchair. The extremely high brightness will even ensure you only ever experience the best picture, regardless of your room’s lighting conditions.

4K Resolution

The native Silicone X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) technology within this projector will deliver 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), with even the finest of details rendered clear and natural with no blurred edges or visible pixels. These SXRD panels will offer even more contrast, producing deeper blacks and clearer, more fluid images. The reflective silicone layer over the panels has been optimised even further to enhance light control and ensure shadows and blacks are more accurately reproduced. Thanks to 4K’s 8.8 million pixels, the image produced by this projector is nothing short of mind-blowing. Native 4K corresponds to the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) specifications used in professional cinema screenings, meaning your home cinema experience will be unlike any other.

1500 Lumen Bulb

With 1500 lumens offered from the VPLVW260’s bulb, immersing yourself in an unbelievably clear picture has been made easier than ever before, and more comfortable, too. These 1500 lumens will allow you to achieve an impressive image on a screen of up to 762 cm (300 inches) in size.  This powerful lamp will last for 6000 hours (approx. with a recommended period of low level), so you can enjoy your movies and TV shows without having to worry about replacing the bulb too often.

Video Standards

With the addition of HDR (High Definition Range) compatibility, the VPLVW260 will bring only the best out of your Blu-Ray movies and streaming services. HDR will produce even more brightness and, as a result, provide a more realistic image with high contrast and brilliant colours. This home theatre projector is compatible with HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) formats.

Reality-Creation Technology

With 4K and High Dynamic Range included, the VPLVW260 doesn’t stop there. Intuitive Reality-Creation technology has been incorporated into this projector, analysing images right down to the pixel level. High-performance algorithms are then used for sample matching - a method that has been used for countless years in film production. These algorithms will then provide an improved clarity in images without any increase in digital noise. This impressive technology will allow optimisation and 'upscaling' of existing BluRay discs and DVDs, bringing them up to near-4K quality.


Colours that are staggeringly vibrant can be achieved thanks to the intuitive TRILUMINOS technology implemented in this projector. This technology equips the VPLVW260 with a wider colour range in order to produce an image that will display more real-world colours and nuances than is possible for most projectors, therefore delivering a more realistic viewing experience. Colours such as purple, aqua blue and emerald green can usually be tricky to reproduce properly, but with TRILUMINOS technology, the VPLVW260 displays them beautifully, ensuring landscapes or marine scenes are more lifelike. And, on top of all of that, improved reproduction of skin tones will now allow faces to look even better and more realistic.

Motionflow Technology

The technologies don’t end here, however. Motionflow technology will allow for images that flow seamlessly in every situation, including fast-paced action scenes. Motionflow creates and inserts additional images between the original video sequence, comparing the visual cores of two consecutive images and then computing each tiny fraction of missing action. Choosing “True Cinema Mode” on the VPLVW260 will activate Motionflow, thus delivering a frequency of 24 frames-per-second, drastically changing and improving upon the original.

Setup and Installation

When it comes to installation, storage and positioning flexibility has been an important part of the production of the VPLVW260, with Sony making sure that this projector not only offers the best picture quality possible, but also that it remains compact and easy to install within new or pre-existing home theatre set-ups. The greater zoom and lens shift will offer more options for screen sizes within smaller or larger rooms, meaning you can position it as close or as far away as possible (up to a screen size of 300 inches), or even install it in the ceiling.  The front-mounted fan means that there is no space needed for the exhaust during its installation, therefore maximising the possibility of available distance, maximising the projector for larger screens. The fan is absolutely whisper quiet, with only a near-silent 26 dB in sound being emitted, meaning you won’t miss any dialogue or sound effects because of sound pollution from the fan. Connectivity options for the VPLVW260 include 2 HDMI inputs that are compatible with HDCP 2.2, the latest standard for content protection.

  • Motionflow technology provides a more seamless picture even in intense action sequences
  • Will deliver 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) at 8.8 million pixels for pristine images
  • TRILUMINOS technology tackles hard-to-reproduce colours beautifully
  • Greater zoom and lens shift for improved positioning opportunities
  • Near-silent fan produces only 26 dB of sound when in operation
  • Maximum screen compatibility of 300 inches
  • Compact in size for greater storage options
  • 1500 lumen bulb provides brighter colours
  • Two HDMI ports that support HDCP 2.2
  • Bulb lasts for up to 6000 hours

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