Panasonic TX49FX750B (Black)

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Panasonic TX49FX750B (Black)

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Premium Picture Quality with Elegant Design


Our best 4K Pro HDR technology is on hand to make sure the picture looks exactly as the ?lmmaker intended. With its elegantly understated design and premium materials the FX750 looks as good as the picture it displays.


When film-makers create their movie masterpieces, they have a clear vision of how they want them to look.


We have spent decades establishing relationships with the Hollywood ?lmmaking community to ensure our TVs get closer than any other brand's to the original creative vision in your home. Legendary Hollywood post production houses have contributed to the features and video processing inside our latest TVs, and their images have been tuned by renowned Hollywood colourists. 80 successful have our televisions become at recreating the director's vision, that some are now used as client reference monitors in movie and TV mastering studios. So ?lm fans can achieve the dream of watching a ?lm on the same TV it was mastered on.


Play great sound from a variety of sources


Bluetooth Audio Link connects easily to a wireless speaker via Bluetooth G) to provide powerful sound without the need for complicated set-up. Great for enhancing the soundtrack while enjoying excellent picture quality. Sound from a compatible smart device can also be played through the TV‘s speakers.


Wide Colour Spectrum

Delivers Colours with Absolute Accuracy Over a Wide Spectrum


By using special Wide Colour Phosphor Technology capable of producing a wider colour range, FXYUD covers more than 90% of DCI standards. Wide Colour Spectrum TVs give you a more subtle, naturally toned colour palette which, unlike most LCD TVs, still looks authentic in any scene.


Real-Life Images Created with High Contrast


Backlight control and signal processing combine to control the brightness in thousands of areas - for outstanding contrast expression. They also render ?ne hues and produce images with exceptional depth.


USB HDD Recording

The Easiest Way to Store Your Favourite Programmes TV programmes can be recorded onto a USB Memory Stick or external hard disk drive simply by pressing the REC button on the remote control.


*This feature requires a USB hard drive or Flash drive with a capacity of at least 160GB.


Game / Sport Modes

Your Favourite Content in the Optimal Viewing Mode


Our TVs give you the best picture mode for viewing. Sport mode combines vivid hues with a surround effect for viewing real-life football and other sports. And the quick image response of Game mode boosts gaming fun with a more direct playing sensation.


Multi HDR Support with Dynamic Scene Optimiser

Support for multiple HDR formats


Our TVs support multiple HDR formats, such as HDR1D and Hybrid Log Gamma. In addition we offer unique functions, such as Dynamic Scene Optimiser, which optimises HDR images according to the content While Auto Brightness Enhancer adjusts video in response to the ambient light in your room.

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