Panasonic TX24FS500B (Black)

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Panasonic TX24FS500B (Black)

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HDR Images And Extensive Smart Functionality

The FS500 series uses a bright panel and adaptive backlight dimming to produce beautiful picture quality in HD). It also boasts great smart networking and content sharing features.


USB HDD Recording

The Easiest Way to Store Your Favourite Programmes TV programmes can be recorded onto a USB Memory Stick or external hard disk drive simply by pressing the REC button on the remote control.


*This feature requires a USB hard drive or Flash drive with a capacity of at least 160GB.


Game / Sport Modes


Your Favourite Content in the Optimal Wewing Mode

Our TVs give you the best picture mode for viewing. Sport mode combines vivid hues with a surround effect for viewing real-life football and other sports. And the quick image response of Game mode boosts gaming fun with a more direct playing sensation.



Ready to Playback High Dynamic Range Content with Life-like Highlights

High Dynamic Range (HDR) content on HDR enabled TVs delivers images much closer to the way your eyes see the real world.

Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television.

My Home Screen 3.0

Easier Content Access by Customisable Home Screen

Enjoy content with "1-step access". my Home Screen 3.0 can be customised to let you reach the content you frequently use.

You can design your own home screen with Live TV, your favourite apps, web bookmarks, and frequently used devices.

In House TV Streaming

Watch TV Broadcasts in Any Room without Needing An Aerial Socket


Gone are the days when your TVs have to be positioned near aerial sockets. TVs that can be set up as ln-House TV Streaming Clients can simply have broadcasts streamed to them

(via LAN, Power Line adaptors or even Wi-Fi) once they've been converted to internet protocol signals by an ln-House TV Streaming server such as a high-end TV or a set-top box.


*This function may not be applicable under unstable network conditions or with some content.

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