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Townshend Audios  Rock 7 Mk 11 Turntable c/w Merlin 3 PSU & rare fluid trough perspex system cover- X  Demo

Turntable supplied without cartridge or tonearm (geometry set up for rega old and new 3 point/old origin live & Roksan type arms.) No original box, but comes with headshell plates and paddle for arm, trough fluid and spare belt.



  • A massively informative sound
  • pure presentation
  • solidly made

"We're going to disappoint those who like a bit of suspense and make it clear right from the start: the Rock 7 is a brilliant-sounding turntable for the money.

Little we've seen at this price or a fair bit higher can match the precision and sheer transparency on offer here."

“The latest incarnation of Townshend’s unique ideas of turntable design, including damping of the arm at the front end via a trough of damping fluid, offers truly remarkable performance at a rational price. With its silent background, stability, neutrality, and purity, and control of the arm in a way not otherwise available, the sound is reminiscent of mastertape or even live mike feed. And the front-of-the-arm damping also gives extraordinary bass. Combine it with the Moerch DP-8 anisotropic tonearm (one of my Golden Ear Awards of 2010), and you will hear all the bass and all the rest, that is really on your records. The Rock 7 is a triumph of engineering insight, with performance at the very top level but at a moderate price. (Reviewed in Issue 209)”

Positive Feedback ISSUE 58 november/december 2011

The 8th Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards for 2011 – The Best of the Best!

“The calm platform that the Rock 7 offers confers a sense of effortlessness to vinyl replay that makes for very convincing instruments and voices… when you’ve got a great recording, you know about it.”

“…The turntable is so good at digging out fine detail: at low and high level you get the full picture of the music”

HiFi Choice June 09

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The Townshend Rock 7 (R7) is an open-style record player which incorporates all the engineering and functional features of the Rock V but at a considerably lower cost. The R7 in its basic form is supplied with the trough and outrigger/paddle and record clamp which transform the turntable to performance levels approaching the Rock V and surpassing most conventional turntables, regardless of cost.

Further upgrades comprise the optional DC motor and Electronic Power Supply, which gives a significant reduction in noise and more accurate drive stability with an associated improvement in sound.

The turntable is supplied without a pick up arm, but with the armbase of your choice. Armbases for Rega, Linn, SME, Jelco and Townshend Excalibur II arms are available “off the shelf”. Others are available to special order.

Jason Kennedy TECHRADAR Review


"The sonic result is impressive in its sheer resolution – this turntable has much of the neutrality that we found with the Rock V. It gets out of the way and lets you hear what's in the groove be it Keith Jarrett's clanky piano at The Köln concert or Frank Zappa's grungy guitar on Chunga's Revenge. You hear the character of the instruments, voices, venue and recording plain as day."



The Rock 7


    • Unique damping technology produces the most accurate bass available from vinyl
    • Clear, smooth sound with complete control over the whole audio range
    • Allows old records to be played with far less surface noise and virtually no rumble
    • Almost completely immune to external vibration, especially footfall
    • Enhanced tracking security results in lower distortion and more musical detail


The Rock 7 is an open frame, two speed, belt drive turntable mounted on three Seismic Load Cells™. It is the latest evolution of Townshend Audio’s legendary Rock turntables, so named because of the solidity of the bass they can deliver. This is a result of the unique front end damping trough which greatly diminishes vibration in the arm and cartridge and results in the cleanest sound available with vinyl.

The Rock 7 is built around an extremely stiff subchassis that supports the platter bearing, levelling counterweight and damping trough. The motor is free-standing to maximise isolation and has a two-speed drive pulley for 33/45rpm.

The platter bearing is a one-piece steel shaft with a tungsten-carbon steel thrust pad which rests on a precision steel ball. This sits in the bottom of a brass bearing-journal which is fixed to the main chassis. The bearing shaft extends right through the sub- and main platter, emerging at the top to form the centre spindle.

The platter is machined from high density polyethylene (HDPE) that was chosen for its virtually identical physical properties to the vinyl LP. This sits on a precision machined aluminium sub-platter.

The turntable is supported on our spring bellows isolation feet, the forerunner of the Seismic Load Cell™, these provide the ideal suspension for the Rock 7 and make it immune to external vibration.

The front end damping trough contains viscous silicone fluid which works in combination with a small paddle that’s clamped between the headshell and cartridge. The paddle sits in the damping fluid as the cartridge traces the record.

The fluid allows the cartridge and paddle to move without resistance as it follows the groove up and down and across the record. At 10Hz where the combination of stylus, cartridge and tonearm has a natural resonance, the fluid significantly damps any movement. Killing vibration in the arm and cartridge in this way means that the signal picked up by the stylus is far cleaner than in other turntables.

Damping low frequency movement has the benefit of reducing non-linearity in the replay chain because the phono stage is no longer trying to amplify subsonic sounds produced by warps, which usually result in pumping bass cones.

Optional extra Just as it’s much easier to walk in deep water than it is to run the fluid allows the paddle to move at slow speeds but resists higher speed or frequency movement.

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