VTL TL6.5 Signature Pre-Amplifier

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VTL TL6.5 Signature Pre-Amplifier

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We have this preowned VTL TL6.5 Signature Pre-Amplifier in Silver. It is in very good condition which can be seen in the pictures attached. It comes with the original box/packaging, remote control, UK mains lead and user manual.



VTL 6.5 Pre-Amplifier


Audio circuit features


Fully balanced differential circuit with balanced in and out, and mirror-image layout

Simple 2-stage circuit topology with differential gain stage and output buffers for musical purity and integrity

Ultra low impedance output stage to drive any length of cable and any power amplifier/paralleled amplifier/subwoofer load

20 microfarad output capacitors for powerful bass control

Tube complement: 2 x 12AU7/ECC82 tubes

Gain switching between normal gain and low gain with 6dB gain reduction

Single fully balanced differential 95-step 70dB discrete resistor relay attenuator for all attenuation functions


Control and power supply features


Precision regulation

Ramped B+ filament soft-start power up for extended tube life

Huge energy storage power supply for elimination of AC fluctuation and noise rejection

Low noise processor control design for all functions


User interface features


Processor loop – any of 8 inputs can be assigned as fixed unity gain pass through

Tape monitor function for both tape loops

2 separately programmable trigger outputs

Rigid Combination steel and non-magnetic chassis and machined aluminum remote wand


Additional features


New FET device output stage for more tube-like sound and simpler bias circuit

Improved current source for improved musicality and better single-ended operation

Zero Global NFB for vastly improved faster dynamic and tonal resolution, and unconditionally stable circuit, without any phase shift.

All audiophile grade capacitors in signal path with bypass system for improved HF resolution

Vastly improved lower impact and greater precision-regulated current-sourced shunt power supply

Teflon power supply bypass caps for improved top end

Microphonically damped tube gain stage for greater vibration noise elimination


Technical Specification


Vacuum Tube Complement 2 x 12AU7

Inputs 3 pairs balanced/XLR or RCA single-ended, 5 pairs single-ended/RCA

Outputs 1 pair balanced out, 2 pairs single-ended RCA out, 2 pairs single-ended RCA buffered Tape Out

Remote control functions Power, Source Select, Volume up/down, Mute, Fade, Balance Control, Phase Reverse

Gain NORM: 14 dB single ended, 19.2 dB balanced

LOW: 7 dB single ended, 13 dB balanced

Output impedance 50Ω (500Ω @ 20Hz)

Input impedance Balanced: 112kΩ (36kΩ min)

Single ended: 54kΩ (18kΩ min)

Frequency Response +0, -o.3 dB 10Hz – 200kHz, into 5kΩ 1000pF load

Maximum Output Voltage <1% THD 13V 10Hz – 200kHz into >5kΩ load

Channel separation >100dB @ 1kHz (>80dB @ 20kHz)

Power consumption 150W

Dimensions W x D x H 17.5 x 17.5 x 6 inches (44.5 x 44.5 x 15.3 cm)

Weight 46lbs (20.86Kg) unpacked, 57lbs (25.85Kg) fully packed




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