Naim Supernait 3 Integrated Amplifier (Pre-Owned)

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Naim Supernait 3 Integrated Amplifier (Pre-Owned)

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Amplification and Construction

The Supernait 3 amplifier produces 80W per channel with a full 24V DR module to enjoy the purer power and performance of Naim’s Discrete Regulation technology across the whole pre-amp stage for a smooth and noise-free signal. The Class A preamp output stage doubles as a headphone amplifier, meaning you can listen privately with a great pair of headphones to your music. Ceramic heatsink technology minimises the chassis and transistor coupling for optimum sound quality, while the internal switching is ultra-low noise, with a current source derived directly the from design of the flagship NAC 552 preamp.

Featuring a larger toroidal transformer in the power supply, the Naim Supernait 3 provides greater power and speed of recovery. With hand-wired input sockets, the input connections are isolated from vibrations providing a clear transmission of signal through the amplifier.

Phono Stage

The Supernait 3 benefits from the inclusion of an in-built phono stage, making the amplifier a perfect match for turntables. The phono circuit has three stages for better performance and less noise, with extended RIAA equalisation and overload headroom. All RIAA equalisation capacitors have low microphonic pickup, ideal for the sensitive phono stage. With an input impedance of 47k Ohms and 470pF capacitance load, the phono stage is perfect for 5mV moving magnet cartridges.

Supernait 3 Connections

The Supernait 3 has five inputs for turntable, CD, tuner and network player, in both RCA and DIN connections, making it perfect for connecting other Naim products or other brands with the RCA input. The Supernait 3 features Alps Blue Velvet volume and balance controls to get the settings that work the best for you. Offering superbly engineered sound with a precise and powerful musical performance, the Naim Supernait 3 provides improvements over its predecessor.

Naim Supernait 3 Integrated Amplifier features

  • 80W per channel into Class A amplification
  • Class A headphone amplifier
  • Ultra-low noise construction with current source derived from Naim NAC 552
  • Larger toroidal transformer for greater power and dynamic performance
  • In-built phono stage, with three stage phono circuit to handle sensitive signals
  • Five analogue inputs for CD, tuner, network player with RCA and DIN connections

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