Zarathustra Soliloquy S2 (Slate and Glass Simon Yorke design with Zeta tone arm (NO CARTRIDGE))

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Zarathustra Soliloquy S2 (Slate and Glass Simon Yorke design with Zeta tone arm (NO CARTRIDGE))

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One of the few original turntables made by Simon Yorke this is the Soliloquy S2 version. Highly acclaimed and sought after Zarathustra turntables have always been iconic and many believe other manufacturers made their own maps of their reference turntables, based around these timeless pieces.  The best part……it sounds stunning with a good cartidge but still performs with some more basic tips.

Through contacting Simon we believe there were only 11 or 12 of these orginal Soliloquy turntables built before they changed the scope slightly to make them more affordable.  This has a full slate plinth and the platter itself

weighs lots so this is a collection only on this timeless piece.

We have seen one that has sold last year without the glass surround so this is pretty rare.  We have listen to this against other manufactuers we stock like Linn, Michelle and Rega.  The Zarathustra si very impressive

considering it is nearly 40 years old and we have tried cartidges like the Linn Kandid, Frog, Koetsu and the Rega Apphelion and all sound excellent at their different price points.

Zarathustra S2 with the Zeta tonearm as we have sold the Koetsu MC cartdridge.

We have been contacted by 2 other people, one in the U.S and one in Austrailia to let us know that they have one.

We enjoyed listening again to this over christmas with the new rega Apheta 3 cartidge which was very impressive.  Love the industrial

and robust pressence with this turntable.

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