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Snake River Audio Boomslang Digital Interconnect X DEMO - RCA to RCA  (c/w BNC adapters) in VGC.

An entirely NEW conceptual design on digital cabling that is outperforming all of those old archaic ideas in every aspect - Musicality, body, detail, life. The Boomslang is truly amazing!

Quite Simply - "Michael Fremer uses the Boomslang as his reference. Say no more!

Boomslang Review - Audio Bacon - Jay Luong AUG 2018

So the first thing I noticed about this cable was how natural voices and instruments were presented. It didn’t exude “atmosphere” or “clarity” but it sounded raw, accurate, and unadulterated.Bass has granular definition, weight, and slam. It’s more balanced than overly assertive so bass strings don’t really extrude towards you – but have a more palpable and lifelike presence.Mids are organically reproduced with very warm-blooded and convincing clarity and color. By far its most addictive quality. The Boomslang is able to naturally reproduce the shimmer and excitement of crash and splash cymbals – as well as the upper octaves of a soprano with tangible clarity. It has now become a reference. If you value a balanced yet dynamic sound with an accurate tone to boot, the Snake River Audio Boomslang gets my highest recommendation."

Boomslang Review - Hi Fi + Magazine by Jimmy Hughes DEC 2013

"The Boomslang delivers a very clean and focused sound. The music sounds slightly better - defined, and the presentation feels more solid. There's a touch less edge to the upper partials of massed violins, yet the attack sounds clean and immediate."
"In my case, even against a good specialist alternative, the Boomslang made a clearley discernable difference that was very worthwhile. Definately worth checking out!"

Boomslang review - Stereophile Nov 14 Michael Fremer 

"I swapped out a few brands; they all sounded different, but the best-sounding was Snake River Audio’s Boomslang digital interconnect. This solid-silver, solid-core, woven (not coaxial) interconnect reduced glare and excess brightness without attenuating the high frequencies, and increased transparency."
John Mingo, Managing Director Baetis Audio

"As a professional in digital audio, I was amazed at the difference the Boomslang makes. I believe a lot of companies will be re-thinking their digital cables after they hear this new design. Cryogenic treatment, plus the best in components, plus excellent workmanship really do improve both musicality and accuracy. Thank you." - John Mingo, Managing Director Baetis Audio

Our Boomslang cables are an entirely new concept in digital cables. They are NOT coaxial! Yes, yes, I know - that's unheard of in digital audio. But, I'm here to tell you that our design not only works, it works extremely well. Some of the initial tests have the Boomslang easily outperforming some of the most expensive cables you can find on the market, hands-down.

"The difference was immediately heard; bigger sound stage, more dynamic, more information passing through but without any hint of harshness or being analytical."

After extensive tests and trials, we've determined that the minimum length of a Boomslang cable is 1.37m. This is to avoid the very common issues of jitter and loss-of-focus that other digital cables suffer from.

  • .999 pure silver
  • Magnetically shielded in a multiple pole magnetization pattern, so the magnetic strength is distributed evenly across the surface
  • Single solid core wiring - not hundreds of signal-reducing tiny strands
  • On spdif cables, we use WBT-0110Ag RCA connectors, with the barrel comprised of Al/Mg alloy for improved rejection of EMI
  • All Snake River Audio cables are cryogenically treated before shipping!

"The Boomslang instantly outperformed my WireWorld Platinum Starlight that I bought for almost three times the money. Straight off the bench, the Boomslang sounded big, bold, detailed, musical and has a quiet noise floor .. and that was before cryo, or a good breaking in!" - Mark Schon, Arizona



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