Quad S-2 Bookshelf Speakers Black Oak (Pre-Owned)

Offered by: Frank Harvey Hi Fi Excellence, Coventry - United Kingdom

Quad S-2 Bookshelf Speakers Black Oak (Pre-Owned)

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Add the Quad S-2 Bookshelf Speakers into your current Hi-Fi or home cinema system and see the true potential of your Hi-Fi or AV equipment. The front and rear part of the speakers have rounded top edges. Each cabinet has a tightly packed sandwich structure using high-density particleboard and MDF. This design allows strength and durability and helps in producing excellent acoustics without the usual deterrents like panel resonance.

The impressive performance of the Quad S-2 speakers is largely down to the design of the ribbon tweeter-powerful enough to handle extended amplification. Wrapped in a robust magnetic feed, the ribbon tweeter can effectively perform dual functions-of a Sound Radiator and Voice Coil. The vertical dispersion delivers high-frequency performance by eliminating ceiling and floor reflections.

The speakers are equipped with a ribbon treble unit, allied through crossover networks to Kevlar-coned bass and mid-range drivers. These speakers also feature three passive Auxiliary Bass Radiators with bass extension at the rear panel. Rear firing bass ports help to maintain articulate rendition.

  • Sandwich-like construction
  • MDF and high-density particleboard used for cabinet
  • Ribbon Tweeter can function as a Sound Radiator and a Voice Coil
  • Three passive Auxiliary Bass Radiators
  • Rear bass ports

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