Rega RX3 Speaker Black Ash (Display Model)

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Rega RX3 Speaker Black Ash (Display Model)

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Featuring a high-end scale and dynamic range, the Rega RX3 Speakers are the ideal pick for all music or movie enthusiasts. Delivering high quality sound to your living space, this floor standing pair of speakers will allow you to hear your sources the way they are meant to be heard.

The RX3 Speakers from Rega feature paper cones and silk-dome tweeters in its design. For easy and flexible positioning, this front-ported loudspeaker features an unusual side-firing 18cm bass driver. These floor-standing loudspeakers can easily tune sound and bass response from both sides and rear walls without you having to worry about their positioning.

The Rega RX3 floor standing speaker works efficiently with a 2.5 way System and have a sensitivity of 89 dB. The Band pass enclosure cabinet is made up of 18mm MDF Real wood veneer construction for dependable durability. Offering clear sound with depth and richness, this HD sound producing loudspeaker is incorporated with a DX-125 bass mid-range driver, RR125.8 bass unit and the Rega ZRR high frequency unit.

The RX3 Speakers flawlessly integrate into any surround space to provide best-in-class performance enriched with precise and smooth bass response.

  • 18mm MDF Real wood veneer construction
  • DX-125 bass mid-range driver
  • 2.5 way system
  • Side firing bass driver
  • Rega ZRR high frequency unit

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