Pro-ject RPM1 Carbon

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Pro-ject RPM1 Carbon

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Pro-ject RPM1 Carbon Available in WHITE


"A modern and elegant design resulting in a superb-sounding turntable" Hi-Fi Choice magazine. Group Test Winner.


Carbon fibre tone-arm

Although impressively engineered throughout, the new design of tone-arm deserves special mention. The 8.6", S-shaped tone-arm is constructed from carbon fibre, aluminium and resin, using special heat and pressure processes for maximum rigidity. Increased rigidity reduces resonance, so music sounds tighter, punchier and more detailed than before. There's also counterweight damping for reduced distortion and magnetic anti-skating - so no more fiddly weights and wires!


Isolated motor unit

One of the most striking features of the Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon has always been its separate motor unit, which ensures that noise and vibration from the motor don't interfere with the delicate pickup area. The RPM 1 Carbon features a new, ultra-precision motor, giving ultra-low vibration and maximum speed stability. The motor housing uses thick damping at its base, and a new hardwearing inverted platter bearing with a ceramic ball has been introduced. For ease of use, the power switch is located directly on top of the motor unit.


Factory-fitted Ortofon 2MRed cartridge

The final flourish to this turntable is the inclusion of an Ortofon 2MRed cartridge. Usually valued at around £85, it's a fantastic bonus to have bundled in with the turntable. Its elliptical-shaped stylus provides a balanced and distortion-free sound that's also kind to your records in terms of its low wear rate.


For true music lovers, the sound of vinyl simply doesn't get any better at this price.

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