Cyrus PSX-R2 Power Supply Brushed Black (Pre-Owned)

Offered by: Frank Harvey Hi Fi Excellence, Coventry - United Kingdom

Cyrus PSX-R2 Power Supply Brushed Black (Pre-Owned)

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Providing a smooth and regulated DC feed to any compatible Cyrus products the PSX-R2 enables your system to run at its full potential. Powering parts of the internal workings of other Cyrus units relieves the strain on the internal power supply. This separation of power lets the unit work mo efficiently creating a cleaner and more detailed sound and a feel of more head room.
Connecting a PSX-R2 to a Cyrus CD player allows the built in power supply to only have to take care of the critical audio components in both the Digital and analogue circuits. On an integrated amplifier the PSX-R2 will power the pre amplifier section effectively creating a pre/power system. Also the stream series of products benefit splitting the power from the digital and analogue circuits letting the full potential of the quality internal components perform at their best.
Adding a PSX-R2 to your existing Cyrus components will give a significant upgrade. Contact us for a demonstration to hear for yourself how much more alive music will sound with this addition you your system

  • Provice clean power to audio components
  • A fully regulated 300W DC power supply
  • No changes to the existing components
  • Mk 1 power supply upgraded by the Cyrus factory to full PSX-R2

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