Tannoy Precision 6.4 Floorstanding Speakers High Gloss Black (Pre-Owned)

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Tannoy Precision 6.4 Floorstanding Speakers High Gloss Black (Pre-Owned)

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For full-scale music and movie reproduction with life-like dynamics, the Precision 6.4 is the flagship floor-standing loudspeaker in the Precision range. This grand design combines the detailed imaging and communication of the new 150 mm (6") Precision Dual Concentric driver with the low frequency extension of the matching 150 mm (6") bass driver in a large volume cabinet for deeper bass reproduction. The substantial cabinet is loaded with a pair of Auxiliary Bass Radiators (ABRs), positioned above and below the active bass driver, to deliver deeper and smoother LF response.

The Precision range combines Tannoy’s 85 years of loudspeaker design experience with modern high tolerance manufacturing to deliver outstanding accuracy and musical articulation. This luxury loudspeaker range is based on a new 150 mm (6") version of Tannoy’s world-renowned Dual Concentric driver with WideBand tweeter technology. Delivering exceptional bandwidth with extremely low colouration this innovative point source driver ensures faithful reproduction of the source information. 

Precision cabinets are truly unique, mixing acoustic engineering and aesthetic beauty in equal measure. The curved side panels reduce internal standing waves, reduce panel resonances and increase cabinet volume while ensuring even the largest Precision models have a discreet look and compact footprint. The design is enhanced by the finest attention to detail, from the luxurious finishes to the CNC-machined plinth components. 

On the inside, precision engineering and precision performance is the root of this loudspeaker ranges’ name. For the cabinet, heavyweight fibreboard construction, unique architecture, complex bracing, Tannoy’s proprietary Differential Material Technology (DMT) and a Mass Loading Cavity (MLC) draw heavily on Tannoy’s rich heritage in loudspeaker design. Precision crossovers are hand-built and hard wired from the finest components.

From the real wood veneers and deep gloss lacquer finishes to the aluminium trims and unobtrusive branding, the Precision range boasts premium design and finish throughout. Subtle dark-weave grilles with sub-surface magnetic fixings ensure a smooth, contemporary look with the grilles on or off.

Flat front and rear baffles coupled with curved side panels reduce internal reflections and brace the cabinet structure.

A Mass Loading Cavity (MLC) has been engineered into the cabinets of the flagship floor-standing Precision models. The MLC offers user-specified bass tuning by filling or part filling the sealed cavity with dry mineral aggregates or dedicated loudspeaker ballast materials. Depending on room acoustics and flooring construction loading the MLC can improve low frequency timing information and enhance stereo imaging.

Precision floor-standing models are supplied with custom plinths designed to stabilise the loudspeaker and improve ground coupling. Each plinth incorporates Tannoy’s easy-to-adjust floor spikes. Each metal bodied turret is mounted through the plinth, allowing the spike height to be adjusted from above. A large CNC machined thumb wheel locks the spike in place for maximum rigidity. Dedicated spike cups are supplied to protect polished or marble floors. 

  • The 150 mm (6") Precision Dual Concentric represents the latest iteration of the technology and Tannoy’s most articulate and powerful 150mm (6") Dual Concentric driver to date.
  • The Precision Dual Concentric features Tannoy’s latest 25 mm (1") titanium dome HF driver featuring WideBand technology and the Company’s signature Tulip WaveGuide.
  • The mid/low frequency cone is an ultra-rigid multi-fibre pulp material with a rubber roll surround, giving the most natural communication through the key mid-band frequencies. A powerful double magnet bass motor system is used to enhance the focus of the magnetic field in the voice coil gap, giving the driver high sensitivity and outstanding dynamic range.
  • In Precision floor-standing and centre channel models the Dual Concentric driver is augmented by active bass drivers and/or Auxiliary Bass Radiators (ABRs) depending on model. The Precision bass driver uses the same multi-fibre cone and double magnet system as the DC unit to ensure seamless low frequency extension. Precision ABRs offer high-compliance / low-loss cabinet loading for exceptionally tight and focused bass. Using ABRs eliminates the port turbulence possible at high volumes with large cabinet loudspeakers and the distributed positioning above and below the main DC driver (Precision 6.4) delivers the smoothest LF response.

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