Russ Andrews Power Purifier with mega clamp, zapperater & 2 x clarity mains.

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Russ Andrews Power Purifier with mega clamp, zapperater & 2 x clarity mains.

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For Sale - 1 off Pre-Owned Russ Andrews Power Purifier with mega clamp, zapperater & 2 x clarity mains.

PowerPurifier™ features a gorgeous, high-gloss acrylic face and modular internal design, making it really easy to add additional filtering as and when you require.

This perfect synergy between form and function makes it unique in the market – no other stand-alone audiophile mains filter has the breadth of functionality found in the PowerPurifier™.

The MegaClamp™ offers enhanced spike and surge reduction and is many times more effective than the SuperClamp... plus the components don't wear out. Specify a MegaClamp in addition to the SuperClamp that is fitted to the PowerPurifier.

Mains Zapperators are a type of mains conditioner that are especially useful at dealing with very high frequency noise from wireless computer networks. One Mains Zapperator can be fitted to the PowerPuriifer.

The ClarityMains are a different type of mains conditioner which utilise Coherence Technology. One, two, three or four can be fitted to the PowerPurifier.

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