Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 Amplifier (Black)

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Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 Amplifier (Black)

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We have this Ex Demo Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 Amplifier in Black available for sale at £3599. Saving you £1400 over the original retail price.

The NuVista 600’s front end is positioned on the same PCB as the input circuitry. This keeps all PCB tracks as short as possible, and ensures that this highly sensitive function is at right angles to any stray hysteresis field from the transformers, ensuring superlative sonic performance.

The nuvistor stage itself combines nuvistor tubes with our exclusive Surface Mount Design and technology systems. This allows them to perform at a level never seen before.

The power amp stage is derived from the monster Titan amp, regarded by many as one of the best amplifiers ever made. However, Musical Fidelity have made subtle improvements to the circuit, squeezing even more performance from what was already a legendary circuit design.

The overall configuration is dual mono, with a separate 1 kW super silent drive mains transformer per channel.

The result? Maximum performance from every part of the circuit which clearly shows just how much of a labour of love and passion for the NuVista 600 was for Musical Fidelity.

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