Marantz NA6005 Network Streamer Silver (Pre-Owned)

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Marantz NA6005 Network Streamer Silver (Pre-Owned)

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Equipped with a reference-class CS4398 high current D/A converter working along with a jitter removal system, this network player produces high-resolution audio and supports 2.8 and 5.6 MHz DSD files. The HDAM technology, which comprises of HDAM and HDAM-SA2 modules, aid in delivering ultra-high slew rate and bandwidth, which in turn helps is producing audiophile-grade sound quality.

Featuring next-gen technology for wireless connectivity, the NA6005 network player consists of dual diversity antennas that have internal wave guides of their own with an efficient RF section. To ensure stable and solid streaming and decoding in crowded environment, dual core 300 MHz DSP processors are used. Wi-Fi connection is setup on the high-speed "N" band with auto-band switching technology that enables the player to automatically switch on the most optimum channel for glitch-free and smooth streaming.

Spotify Connect allows you instantly stream your favorite music tracks from your iDevices like iPhone, iPod or iPad using the AirPlay service. Spotify also allows you to stream content from your PC, Laptop or MAC wirelessly using your home network. Being always connected to the internet, you can also choose to play music from thousands of internet radio channels.

The NA6005 network player from Marantz features multiple individual circuit cards that prevent interference between circuits. It also features audiophile-grade internal components like Shottky barrier diodes with high current protection and fast recovery times. All this is housed inside a dual layer chassis foundation that keeps the environment noise and ensures high-quality audio output in every condition.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth with Dual Diversity Antennas and Dual Band "N"
  • Built-in Spotify Connect for Wireless Music Streaming
  • Standalone D/A Converter Capability
  • Exclusive HDAM Technology
  • Advanced Jitter Reduction System
  • Standby Recharging System via USB Port
  • Wide Range of File Types Supported

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