Ming Da Ming Da Campana Integrated Amplifier

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Ming Da Ming Da Campana Integrated Amplifier

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Ming Da Campana Integrated Amplifier X DEMO

This integrated amplifier is aimed at the audiophile with the desire for regular “Valve or Tube rolling”. The Campana uses KT90 Valves in it's standard delivery format. However it is fitted with a built in Bias meter and 4 accessible external bias setting potentiometers, this amplifier is a tube roller's dream. Offering up to 55 watts per channel in Ultra linear mode..Featuring 4 of our own specially made potent and silky Jinvina KT90 Valves, this amplifier really provides plenty of power to move even the most insensitive modern speakers.

However when rolling a set of KT66's the amp can offer 30 watts, El34's up to 40 watts, and anything up to the KT120 Kinked tetrode, just push in and play!

The amplifier uses two 12AU7/ECC82 double triodes to drive the output valves, the inputs are handled by two 12AX7/ECC83 clean and quiet double triodes.

We have of course, high quality foil capacitors within the audio path, to maintain the highest quality. Employing the Ming Da point to point hand build and our “in house”hand wound “E I” configured output transformers, a frequency response of 15Hz-50kHz±1dB is easily achieved.


Standby switch

Audyn Copper caps for signal path


Output Power     55 Watts per Channel

Frequency response   15Hz-50kHz±1dB

S to N ratio     ≤91dB

Distortion       ≤0.8% at full power

Input Impedance     100KΩ

Power input     240Vac

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