Ecosse Master Reference 2.0 XLR-XLR 0.5m Interconnect

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Ecosse Master Reference 2.0 XLR-XLR 0.5m Interconnect

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We have this preowned Ecosse Master Reference 2.0 XLR-XLR 0.5m Interconnect.


It is in very good condition which can be seen in the pictures attached.


It comes with the original bag.



The Master Reference


"Our cryogenic masterpiece - Drawing on all the strengths - in terms of construction and conductor materials- of our multi-award winning Maestro Interconnect but upping the 'anti' to ensure a cable with an even greater degree of transparency, detail and three-dimensionality you may think would be a hard act to follow, and you'd be right. But succeed we did!


The stunning NEW ‘Master Reference SE' shares the same benefits of quality material, construction and termination as 'The Maestro', but now the cable is triple screened; here, the MonocrystalTM-Cu signal and return conductors, in a twisted pair topology, are further protected from EMI/ESI/RFI noise ingress by both a Copper/Mylar 100% shield and MonocrystalTM Cu close-lapped braid screens. In addition, modulation effects due to microphony are all but eliminated by cotton fibre filler and the soft PVC outer jacket- and then, to ensure an extremely uniform, refined and dense microstructure with vastly improved mechanical properties, the cable is then deep - cryogenically treated. (DCT)


What does Deep Cryogenically Treated mean?

DCT treatment is the process of cryogenically cooling a material over a measured period of time. The process is described in these terms since typically temperatures approaching - 200C are achieved, and this occurs over a period extending to days rather than minutes or hours. All stages of the process, from the initial slow cooling to the prolonged soak at minimum temperature, through to a carefully staged return to ambient temperature are achieved with precision measurement, and computer control.


Specifically, for non-ferrous metals (such as MonocrystalTM copper and silver)- 'Sub zero treatment of the material at these temperatures results in reduced residual stresses in both conductor and dielectric. Deep cryogenic treatment at temperatures of -185'C further enhances the materials properties. By slowing down atomic movement, the internal molecular bonding energy is increased which promotes a pure structural balance throughout the mass of the material. The end result being a material with an extremely uniform, refined and dense microstructure with vastly improved properties.


Balanced or pseudo-balanced?

The Master Reference SE differs from The Maestro Interconnect in so far as the two paths for the signal are electrically identical with a separate screen. This topology is called 'symmetrical; Wired in a 'pseudo-balanced' fashion (with the screen connected at one end only to drain unwanted 'noise' (R.F.I.) it is terminated with our deep silver-plated (for faster, smoother transmission) non-compressing all- MonocrystalTM copper MACH2XS RCA plugs. The MACH2XS offers all the benefits of our super awesome MACH3 RCAs but without the cost involved.


For 'fully- balanced' systems 'The Master Reference' may be specified with our Audiophile-Reference quality all-MonocrystalTM copper XLR plugs. This interconnect, due to its construction, is directional and an arrow on the sleeve indicates the appropriate direction.


It is equally at home between pre and power amp, between CD and pre amp or as tone -arm cable.

The Master Reference exhibits vanishingly low noise and while eminently suitable for all line-level equipment, its low noise performance makes it positively shine between turntable and phono stage. In the right set up, where your system has the ability to resolve ever the finest levels of detail, it will outperform ALL its predecessors.


We sincerely recommend you match this cable from one of our MonocrystalTM 'speaker' range for the ultimate audio experience; try it with our MS4.45 pre-terminated biwire combination or better still one of our new SuperMonocrystalTM types. Heres the complete cable synergy table.


A word about our unique terminations

The terminations at the ends of cables are part of the transmission path and therefore vital to it. They must not impede the delicate audio signal as inappropriate termination on the cable changes the so called characteristic impudence (and other electrical attributes) of the cable. The signal can be severely compromised by poor, compressing RCA plugs that grip the cable with a grub screw or a collett action. The cable loses it's integrity and the impedance can drop to somewhere in the region of 35 Ohms resulting in reflections and deletions.


To maintain the quality of the all-important interface between interconnect and component and compatibility between wire material and plug, when used in pseudo-balanced connection, Ecosse has developed our unique and non-compressing constant impedance MACH2XS RCA plug.(link) This high quality RCA plug consists of a centre pin and conjugate bracket shield* which together offer going and return paths for the audio signal. To maintain continuity and optimum conductivity, these contact points are made from deep silver plated MonocrystalTM copper - same as the conductor wire itself (others use 'flash-gold' OFC plating which is a very thin coating that wears away very quickly and soon looks tarnished!). The plug casing is precision machined from highest quality copper alloy and is deep-plated. This thick casing offers further shielding - effectively a second 'Faraday Cage' - and reduces the ingress and radiation of EMI, ESI and RFI 'noise' even further, to virtually zero. The interface of shield* and casing is one of high mechanical impedance, dissipating energy and rendering microphonic effects negligible. The full assembly represents Ecosse's Audiophile Grade RCA termination for smaller diameter cables and we believe the Ecosse MACH2XS RCA to be the best available price wise.


These shells are designed to perform a 5-fold function:


They provide a terminal to which the return/screen conductors can be firmly crimped and soldered.

They incorporate tiny teeth that grip the cable firmly and evenly around its circumference without compressing the cable and thereby maintain the cable's characteristic impedance right up to the solder joint.

When assembled, they form a Faraday cage, screening the signal right up to and including the RCA socket.

They form a union of high mechanical impedance with the outer casing, dissipating energy and therefore rendering the plug immune to the effects of microphony.

They firmly locate and clamp the centre pin's polypropylene dielectric, which, in conjunction with the outer casing, results in a strong, stable and extremely durable structure.


Technical Specifications


MonocrystalTMcopper conductors

MonocrystalTM copper braid screen

Copper-Mylar shielding for 100% environmental protection/rejection

Superior ultra low-loss FPE dielectric

Copper-Mylar shielding for 100% environmental protection/rejection

MACH2XS RCA with deep silver-plated MonocrystalTM Copper pin and bracket shells

Close tolerance MonocrystalTM MACH3 XLR plug with silver-plated pins

Vibration absorbing low-density PVC sheath

SupersolderTM - our new ultra high purity silver and tin alloy solid wire-used in conjunction with our unique, passive organic flux. Together these ensure a joint with ultra low hemical contaminants and very high strength."



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