Linn Klimax Kontrol Pre-amp (Silver)

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Linn Klimax Kontrol Pre-amp (Silver)

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Klimax Kontrol Pre-amp (Silver) - Second Hand

Grahams have a Linn Klimax Kontrol pre-amp available second hand. The serial number is 1194115, it is in good condition and in full working order. It has had the Dynamik power supply upgrade.

The Klimax Kontrol follows Linn’s Klimax power amplifiers and, in partnership with them, positions Klimax as a family of products that are without parallel in terms of sound performance and engineering quality.

Each Klimax Kontrol preamplifier is unique in its manufacture. The casing of the product is precision machined from two solid sections of aluminium alloy. Due to the highest quality of machined finishes, it is often possible to see the grain of the casing. This grain is part of the aluminium alloy’s structure and is indicative of an exceptional and individual product, finished to the highest standard. The distinctive product casework also serves to protect and stabilise the internal electronics as well as forming the heat exchanger to dissipate any heat generated by the preamplifier circuitry.

All Klimax products have been designed to be internally compact. This reflects Linn's desire to keep the audio signal path as short and simple as possible. Applying this approach rigorously results in high density circuitry that generates and receives the absolute minimum level of electrical noise. As with other products in the Klimax range, the Klimax Kontrol preamplifier exemplifies Linn’s unremitting commitment to exploiting the latest technology in order to produce ever better sounding products. The unit’s features include Linn’s switch mode power supply and both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs

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