Roksan K3 Power Amplifier Charcoal (Pre-Owned)

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Roksan K3 Power Amplifier Charcoal (Pre-Owned)

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The Roksan K3 Power Amplifier is the ideal upgrade from its original, offering two ways to utilise the amp: through either using your existing amplifier as a pre-amp, or running both as a pre/power combination. This will give each section its own power supply and casing for enhanced detail and lower distortion. The Roksan K3 Power Amplifier can also be used with bi-wirable speakers, using one amp to run the treble and the other to run the bass when in bi-amped mode, vastly improving the speaker control and broadening the soundstage. This amplifier not only works perfectly with other Roksan components, but will work just as well with most other brands, too.

This amplifier offers a choice of RCA phono or balanced XLR inputs, meaning it is compatible with almost any pre-amplifier. Featuring RCA phono and XLR outputs, it will also allow you to lpp[ the sound through, delivering perfect sound even in those more complex multi-amp systems. The power output of the K3 Power Amplifier is a generous 140W per channel at 8 ohms. Ample power is offered for most speakers and will accommodate most room sizes with ease. This power helps to drive all types of speakers easily and will have no problem with filling large rooms with clean and powerful sound. Even with those more average speakers, the K3 will deliver taut and dynamic sound, offering a greater sense of realism in even the smaller rooms in your home.

Featuring a symmetrical amplifier layout, as well as high quality signal output relays and an improved power supply layout, the K3 Power Amplifier will also excel when it comes to accuracy, detail and low noise. It doesn't matter what kind of music you prefer to listen to, the K3 will ensure that the sound benefits from absolute clarity and a broad sounding soundstage, as well as precise resolution to boot. Both an upgrade in style and quality, the Roksan K3 Power Amplifier uses a rigid new chassis. It's mass, weighing in at 14kg, allows the power amp to provide excellent damping against any mechanical vibration, reducing the chances of any distortion.

  • Mass of 14kg reduces damping against vibration and almost eliminates distortion
  • Use existing amplifier as a pre-amp, or run both as a pre/power combination
  • Ensures the highest quality in accuracy, detail and low noise
  • An ideal upgrade from the original K3
  • Streamlined and stylish design

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