Elac FS189 Floor Standing Speakers (Pre-Owned) (Cherry)

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Elac FS189 Floor Standing Speakers (Pre-Owned) (Cherry)

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For natural, high-quality sound, the developers at ELAC have gone for technical features such as ELAC`s highly praised JET tweeters, ELAC`s tried and tested aluminium sandwich technology, cabinets with internal stiffeners and particularly harmonious amplifier-compatibility.

The largest model in the line is the FS 189. It has incredible power reserves (maximum sound pressure level, is robust and delivers a harmonious, highly detailed sound with a punchy, taut bass. It is equally impressive when used as a main speaker in larger surround-sound systems, or as a highquality, level-resistant, freestanding 3½-way stereo speaker. Thanks to its high level of efficiency, it offers excellent reproduction with smaller amplifiers or even with valve amplifiers.


  • JET III tweeter with linear frequency response extending up to 50 kHz
  • Newly developed midrange driver equipped with a dual-wave (full-roll) fabric sound
  • 2 Bass reflux tubes. One emilts sound towards the back and the other downwards to the base plate.
  • The cabinets are all internally stiffened to minimise cabinet resonance

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