Devialet Expert 120

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Devialet Expert 120

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We have this preowned Devialet Expert 120 Integrated Audio System. It is in very good condition, there are a couple of minor scratches on the top of the cabinet which can be seen in the pictures attached. It comes with the original box/packaging, remote control, UK mains lead and user manual.

We are an authorised Devialet dealer so please buy with confidence.



The Devialet 120 is the audio system you've always dreamed of, at a price you never thought possible. A bundle of cutting-edge technology delivering an unmatched level of audio perfection, all housed in an extremely thin chassis for versatile home integration. The Devialet 120 is proof positive that you can have your cake and eat it too.

With its perfect balance between nostalgia (phono and analog line input) and contemporary (USB, Ethernet, digital coaxial), you'll love the Devialet 120's flexibillity and simplicity. Moreover, the 120 is equipped with the new Devialet AIR Universal Streamer, allowing you to enjoy your computer's musical content at the highest quality, no matter the source.

Like all Devialets, the Devialet 120 is fully controlled via internal software offering limitless configurability. Customize each of your inputs to your sources and obtain personalized results. But be warned: once you start, you may not stop.

Frequent and free internal software updates provide continuous possibilities for improving your Devialet's performance -- or developing new, exclusive functionalities. All in just a few clicks!

Devialet's AIR Universal Streamer allows you to wirelessly access all contents stored or streamed on any computer, in exceptionally high quality. Use your favorite player (iTunes, Foobar, etc.) or online service (Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz) and listen to your music directly through your Devialet.


Shortest signal path in the world (less than 4 inches between the DAC and the speakers output connectors): lossless by design

Unequalled Signal/Noise ratio (> 130 dB): abyssal silence, emotional power, the music emerges from nothingness.

Harmonic distortion barely measurable (0,001%): absolute fidelity of instrumental timbres and sonorities.

Intermodulation distortion equally barely measurable (0,001%): seizing realism of soundstage (separation and placing of instruments).

Thermal distortion non measurable: very natural fast variations of dynamics (impacts, resonances)

Network input (Wifi or Ethernet) for universal streamer Devialet AIR (fully compatible Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices)

Asynchronous USB input (fully compatible Mac and PC)

Analog input (line level or phono MM / MC)

Up to 4 digital coaxial inputs

2 optical inputs (TOS and TOS mini)

Speakers output 2x120W



  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm 40mm x 383mm x 383mm
  • THD 0,001% At full power
  • Signal to noise audio130dB
  • Connections 2x Digital Coaxial, 2x Optical
  • Audio Output
  • DAC's 24bit/192kHz
  • Power Output 120W/Channel (6 Ohms)
  • Weight 5.65kg



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