Energenie ENER009 5 way Mains Block with Auto Standby (White)

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Energenie ENER009 5 way Mains Block with Auto Standby (White)

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The automatic stand-by shutdown reduces the energy wasted by leaving your home entertainment system in stand-by. It will automatically cut the power to your appliances by recognising when they are in stand-by. This will reduce your energy use and save you money. There are four controlled sockets that may be used with your TV, DVD player, VCR, power amplifier and some set-top boxes. There is also one permanently “on” socket for appliances that require continuous power. To switch back on you can program the Stand-by Shutdown to recognise the infrared signal from your remote control or you can simply press the reset button on the housing. This will help to reduce your carbon footprint, protect your appliances, reduce fire risk and save money.

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