SLIC Innovations Eclipse C 1m XLR-XLR Interconnect

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SLIC Innovations Eclipse C 1m XLR-XLR Interconnect

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We have this preowned SLIC Innovations Eclipse C 1m XLR-XLR Interconnect. It is in very good condition which can be seen in the pictures attached. It does not have its original box but can be shipped with suitable packaging.



When SLiC Innovations set out to create the ultimate cabling solution it quickly became apparent that many cable manufacturers in this sector rely heavily on conventional (lossy) ’stock’ designs and simply try to compensate with esoteric materials.


Whilst this approach will alter the characteristic of a cable it will translate very little in the way of actual performance.


SLiC Innovations was quick to realise that heavy investment was required to adopt a start-from-scratch approach and that in-depth research and development was required to reach the ultimate goal and create a cable that would work efficiently by design rather than by simple material selection.


The manufacturing process of SLiC is radically different to that of any conventional cable.


New tooling and processes have been painstakingly taken from the drawing board and brought to reality.


The result is a cable that has a higher bandwidth, definition and much lower loss than conventional cables.


SLiC Eclipse C has been tested independently at a University Laboratory and objectively shows superiority to outperform virtually any cable at any price.


Through exhaustive design and research SLiC Innovations is proud to see its efforts culminated in the ultimate interconnecting cable the SLiC Innovations Eclipse C.



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