Pioneer DV-636D DVD Player (Pre-Owned)

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Pioneer DV-636D DVD Player (Pre-Owned)

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Compatible with a wide range of digital audio output formats. DVDs are recorded in one of four types of digital audio formats (as of October 1998). The digital audio output jacks of this player can output Dolby Digital MPEG, and linear PCM digital bit-streams to AV components with built in decoding capabilities.This player also has a function that converts Dolby Digital and MPEG audio formats into the linear PCM format.This allows stereo playback of DVDs recorded in Dolby Digital and MPEG without the need for a special decoder.

Equipped with six channel discrete audio output and an internal Dolby Digital and DTS decoder. Enjoy the cinematic surround sound produced by Dolby Digital and DTS audio soundtracks without the need for an external decoder. This player features six channel discrete audio output jacks so you can connect this player directly to an amplifier or receiver with 6 channel discrete input, and utilize the player's built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding capabilities.

Multiple video output formats that can be selected to best suit your TV or monitor. This player features two composite, two S-video jacks, and two AV CONNECTOR terminals. RGB signal output is possible from one of the AV CONNECTOR terminals.

TruSurround and Virtual Dolby Digital uses technology that simulates multi-channel surround sound using only two speakers.Virtual Dolby Digital works in conjunction with Dolby Digital audio sources to create a realistic surround sound. Virtual Dolby Digital is selected automatically when Dolby Digital sources are loaded.

Frame advance playback in forward and reverse direction. This player incorporates technology that enables frame advance playback of DVDs. In the forward direction, the playback speed can be adjusted four steps. In the reverse direction, the playback speed can be adjusted two steps.

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