Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport

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Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport

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We have this preowned Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport in Silver.


It is in excellent condition which can be seen in the pictures attached.


It comes with the original the original box/packaging, remote control, UK mains lead and Quick start guide.



Transport-only design

The Cambridge CXC is a CD transport only, so inside you'll only find 'half' of what's usually inside a CD player. Although this may sound unconventional, it has many benefits. The most obvious of these is cost effectiveness, but there are sonic benefits to be had, too. Without an onboard DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor), the power supply only has to drive the CD transport. By being dedicated to this task it can provide a clean, stable power supply for the highest performance possible at its price.


Pair with your choice of DAC

Another advantage is increased flexibility. Chose to match with one of the Cambridge CXA digital amplifiers or use your own choice of DAC entirely. By starting with such a high quality transport design, the CXC could see you through many system and DAC upgrades without being in the least bit out of place.


S3 servo

Rather than using 'off the shelf' CD software, Cambridge uses its own S3 servo processor. Dedicated to CD music playback rather than the multi-purpose disc readers, the CXC maximises the full potential of your audio CDs. With state-of-the-art error correction your CDs simply sound more realistic, more dynamic and more detailed than with other players.


Sleek style

The CXC is part of the totally redesigned CX-Series. The distinctive tear-drop profile gives the CXC a contemporary look and makes it the ideal partner for the digital amplifiers and network player. Yet it's far more than just a good-looking case - it helps the sound quality, too. With rigid, metal construction and low-resonance design, the casing helps shield the player from both mechanical and electrical interference, helping to improve clarity and reduce background noise.



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