Primare CD31 CD Player

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Primare CD31 CD Player

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We have this preowned Primare CD31 CD Player in Silver.


It is in excellent condition which can be seen in the pictures attached.


It comes with the original box/packaging, remote control & UK mains lead.




Every component of the CD31, from the CD transport to the audio output stage, has been designed to achieve the highest possible audio performance. The Primare CD31 Compact Disc Player uses an advanced DVS mechanism. As with all Primare units, the CD31 Compact Disc Player is housed in an alloy heavy gauge steel chassis, which provides strength, rigidity, and screening, while being effective at damping vibrations from external sources. The front panel design isolates the display circuitry from the audio circuitry to avoid interference


From the CD-transport Primare have extracted the SPDIF signal, which is fed to a DIR1703 digital receiver. DIR 1703 has excellent jitter suppression abilities ensuring that the DACs receive as clean a digital signal as possible - giving the most natural sound. We have chosen not to incorporate any other signal treatment such as up-sampling, which can colour the sound.


For precise digital to analogue conversion, the CD31 uses four 24 bit/96 kHz Burr-Brown PCM1704 K-graded DACs - one of the best analogue to digital converters available today. The DAC´s are configured in a truly balanced configuration: two DACs per channel. Each DAC carries the same signal with opposite phase. On the receiver side the signals are mixed, and since any interference that has arisen during the transmission will be present in both lines with identical phase, such noise and distortion products are cancelled out leaving only the pure original signal. Each DAC uses its own current to voltage converter stage, Burr-Brown's OPA2134, a sonically excellent operational amplifier. The signal path is finished in a single-ended output stage with a discrete MosFet transistor driven by an active current source instead of the use of passive resistors.


Each part of an electronic design has specific power requirements. Primare's forensic approach to ensuring that clean power is supplied throughout the design is a key part of its design philosophy and has significant sonic benefits. An internal mains filter ensures that any high frequency disturbance is removed before it reaches the power transformer, which is placed as far away as possible from the delicate analogue circuits. The player incorporates a fantastic R-core transformer with separate windings for all of the player's different power requirements (mechanical, analogue, digital, etc) - eight in all! Each is individually regulated in thirteen steps to ensure that enough power is constantly available. For the critical analogue audio stage, the player incorporates ultra-fast discrete power regulation, ensuring that enough regulated power is available for even the deepest sonic transient that can be recorded on a compact disc.


This power supply configuration together with different ground planes for all kinds of signal layers gives the player the usually extremely high signal to noise ratio allowing you to take full advantage of the dynamic range possible with CD.


The analogue output provides for both the recommended balanced XLR outputs and the conventional unbalanced RCA for connection with an appropriate stereo amplifier.

The CD31 Compact Disc Player provides one Coaxial 75 ohm SPDIF, one optical TOSlink and one professional XLR 110 ohm AES/EBU digital output

The DATA input is intended for use with future products.

The RS232 port will allow you to connect to a home automation installation systemIR

The CD31 can be controlled by using the IR-input on the back panel.

Intuitive user interface designed so that it will not distract you from the pleasure of listening to music on your system.

The main functions of the CD31 Compact disc player can be accessed using the 6 front panel push buttons.


Product Specifications

Total harmonic distortion < 0.01%

Signal to noise ratio -105dB

Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm 430x385x100

Output impedance 100 Ohm

Frequency Response 1 20Hz - 20 kHz (-0.5dB)

Digital Output Coaxial and Optical

Digital to Analogue Converter 4xBurr-Brown PCM1704

Weight 10.5kg



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