Marantz CD 17KI Signature CD Player (Black)

Offered by: Mackenzie Hi Fi, Stoke-on-Trent - United Kingdom

Marantz CD 17KI Signature CD Player (Black)

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This item comes with:

  • Original manual
  • All original accessories

For sale a customers Marantz CD 17KI Signature CD Player - Black

This is an excellent example of the classic and excellent sounding CD player. The player is in very good condition and full working order with no marks or scratches on the casework. It comes with the manual, the official signed certificate and the original champagne finished remote. (the battery cover is loose, but can be held in place nicely with a small blob of blue tac.

Not modified, except for the mains lead which now has a male tail socket to accept any mains cable upgrade. Also supplied is the original mains lead, should you wish to use in an unadulterated fashion.

A wonderful sounding, 5 star multiple awarded CD player.

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