Audio Detail Audio Detail NV-06 Nu-Vista Moving Coil Phono Stage (Black Facia with Dark Grey Case)

Offered by: Mackenzie Hi Fi, Stoke-on-Trent - United Kingdom

Audio Detail Audio Detail NV-06 Nu-Vista Moving Coil Phono Stage (Black Facia with Dark Grey Case)

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An Audio Detail Nu-Vista NV-06 Moving Coil X DEMO Phono Stage c/w Matching PSU. in Good condition. Also has a very high quality pre-amp volume control, so can be directly connected to your power amps.

Finish: Black Facia with dark grey covers.

Product Description:

The all new Nuvistor phono stage from Audio Detail, is a 6 Nuvistor design aimed at the user who loves the valve phono stage sound, but wishes for something slightly different, compact and offering a lower noise threshold, but with a fast and lively sound. Built by hand in Great Malvern, UK, the NV06 is all point to point wiring with the components mounted on a plated copper substrate. We use paper in oil(PIO) and silver mica capacitors in the 2 stage passive filters.. With high quality German Audyn capacitors in the output.

What is a Nuvistor? Nuvistors were designed in the late 1950's with the aim of combating the rise of transistors within electronics..They are particularly good at VHF frequencies and are as small as possible(smaller than a thimble).. This means they are a lower noise valve, running at a lower voltage with lower internal capacitance than conventional valves.. This all results in a clean and detailed sound, therefore extracting so much more from your vinyl! Every NV-06 has an external linear power supply, connected by over a metre of cable to minimise any potential PSU hum and magnetic affects. There is a Mono/Stereo button and gain control along with a standby switch on the front panel. The power supply houses the mains power on/off switch. 


Moving coil: 0.2-0.5 mV into 100 Ohms

Output: nominal 500mV into 50K at full gain.

Power consumption approximately 12 watts

Mains input: 230VAC on IEC connector

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Mackenzie Hi Fi

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