Dynaudio Audience 52se Bookshelf Speakers Maple (Pre-Owned)

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Dynaudio Audience 52se Bookshelf Speakers Maple (Pre-Owned)

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The Dynaudio Audience 52se, as the model 42, is a further development of its justly renown and award winning predecessor, the Audience 50. The 52se not only improved on the high performance standard of the model 50 through several driver and cabinet enhancements, it set a new benchmark for compact audio loudspeakers in its class. The Audience 52se cabinet is internally lined with bitumen to eliminate coloration and the effects of resonance, while its class-leading drivers are integrated into a resonance-absorbing MDF baffle. The 17cm MSP mid/woofer is driven by Dynaudio's 75mm aluminum voice-coil, and its advanced 28mm soft-dome tweeter also employs an ultra-light aluminum coil. With its advanced performance capabilities and relatively compact dimensions, the Audience 52se delivers a clean, precise and dynamic sound - in music or home theater system applications - with a powerful presentation that will impress even in large rooms.

From high-quality compact monitors to large-scale floorstanding towers, from two-channel audiophile to multi-channel home theater applications, the Audience line delivers a wide variety of models to meet a wide range of applications, while always delivering a level of performance synonymous with Dynaudio. As with all Dynaudio loudspeaker models, each Audience loudspeaker features model-specific drivers, manufactured by and proprietary to Dynaudio. All while delivering a performance that is instantly recognizable as that of a true Dynaudio. There is simply no other loudspeaker in this class that offers anywhere near the value or refinement of the Audience. The advanced driver technologies ensure that each Audience model achieves a high level of performance and value, and will deliver a faithful musical reproduction for many years to come. In the Danish tradition of fine craftsmanship, each Audience model is manufactured in a fine natural wood veneer. With the wide range of model variants and the choice of Maple, Cherry, Rosewood or Black Ash natural veneer finish, an Audience system can easily be integrated into any system, in any room and mesh perfectly with any décor.

  • Award winning 2-way bookshelf speaker
  • High quality bookshelf speaker at an affordable price
  • The performance of a floorstander in a bookshelf package
  • Available in four finishes Cherry, Rosewood, Maple and Black Ash
  • Recommended power handling from 25-65 Watts

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