ATC ATC CA2 Stereo Pre-Amplifier. Ex-Demo (Silver)

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ATC ATC CA2 Stereo Pre-Amplifier. Ex-Demo (Silver)

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This item comes with:

  • Original packing
  • Original manual
  • All original accessories
  • Hand built in the UK.
  • Ultra-low noise discrete design.
  • 6 phono inputs.
  • XLR and phono main outputs.
  • Additional Sub, Tape and Headphone outputs.
  • On-board RIAA phono stage.
  • 6 year warranty

ATC CA2 Pre Amplifier MK2 is a two channel stereo design aimed to cater to the need for high-quality, low-cost compact listening solutions. And although the price tag may be low, the performance this preamp delivers is far from sub-par. With an impressive transparency, wide bandwidth and low distortion, the CA2 will impress even the most scrutinising audiophile.

With the ability to drive both active and passive loudspeakers, the CA2 packs a wide range of intuitive, cutting-edge technologies, including being SACD and DVDA ready. With a slimline case with front panels and controls created using solid aircraft grade alloy, the design is robust yet simple to use. This simplicity in control can be achieved thanks to the easy to turn, soft action buttons that ATC have used to continue in their tradition of hand built quality and absolute durability.

As for the ATC CA2 Pre Amplifier MK2’s power supply, this preamp uses discrete components in the signal path rather than using integrated circuits. ATC has taken great care when creating the power source arrangement. The power amplifier uses a dual mono design, dedicating a mains transformer for each individual channel. This design works with the preamp to minimise noise while delivering a wide band signal. The CA2 is also capable of driving cables up to 50 metres in length, making it the perfect choice for use with active systems.

The circuitry has been specifically designed in such a way as to fully utilise the discrete component gain blocks to avoid any phase distorting ICs in the signal path. The input stage contains a dual long tail pair of complementary transistors with cascaded junction FETs that work to provide a constant collector voltage. Output of the current mirrors is buffered by a pair of complimentary Darlingtons.

There are separate power supplies for each channel, plus a digital input control. There are also many connection options available to you with the ATC CA2, including five line level unbalanced RCA style inputs with an on-board RIAA phono stage, and a separate tape loop included with the monitor option with the monitor option selected via a single push button.

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