Snake River Audio ADDER Silver Interconnects

Offered by: Mackenzie Hi Fi, Stoke-on-Trent - United Kingdom

Snake River Audio ADDER Silver Interconnects

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Snake River Audio ADDER Silver Interconnects x 1mtr pair RCA - X DEMO

Made with our own high quality pure silver (.999) wiring

  • Adder RCA's are available with WBT© pure silver Signature Topline next-gen ends or with WBT© Midline ends
  • Adder balanced XLR's are available with Neutrik© XX-BAG series silver XLR connectors
  • Commonly available in lengths of one meter, two meters.
  • Sold by the pair with matching serial numbers


We start by taking our own high quality, pure silver (.999) wire. With only the thinnest layer of Polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon) between the feed and the return, this allows the Adders to perform in complete transparency. We cover this combination with a sublime ether-based polyurethane coating, which is then covered by an abrasive-resistant, eye-catching nylon braiding.

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