Arcam A38 Amplifier

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Arcam A38 Amplifier

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Arcam has a world class reputation for building amplifiers going back more than 30 years. The Arcam A38 is the most advanced integrated amplifier Arcam have ever produced. Engineered to deliver breathtaking levels of detail and a truly musical performance, the Arcam A38 is a significant step forward in amplifier design.

The Arcam A38 design project had a simple goal; to develop the best stereo amplifier Arcam had ever produced. The team looked deep into the basic structure of amplifier design and the result is an amplifier offering a remarkable improvement in fidelity. The Arcam A38 features technologies which practically eliminate thermal modulation and ensure a level of performance that will captivate serious music lovers. New Sanken output devices and improved thermal coupling provide an extremely stable device temperature resulting in startling levels of realism.

The Arcam A38's massive toroid based power supply delivers effortless control of loudspeakers with a new low noise xq core. The new pre-amplifier design features hermetically sealed reed relays from Arcam's range topping C31 pre-amplifier which deliver a wonderfully transparent signal to each power amplifier. Reed relays offer extremely low contact resistance and a life span measured in decades.

An all new volume control gives unprecedented linearity and noise performance allowing fine musical details to be reproduced in startling clarity. Circuitry is constructed on multi-layer pcbs allowing ideal component placement for best sonic delivery. The Arcam A38 produces a level of sound quality that will enthral all who listen from the keenest music lover to the most demanding audiophile.

  • 105wpc - Current Feedback - Integrated amplifier

  • Ultra Stable thermal management

  • Hermetically sealed reed relay input switching

  • Ultra wide band frequency response

  • 'Mask of Silence' & Stealth Mat emc damping

  • SDS resonance damped chassis

  • Optional mm/mc phono stage

  • Cr90 Eight page learning remote control
  • Class leading sound quality

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