Cyrus 8VS Amplifier Quartz Silver (Pre-Owned)

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Cyrus 8VS Amplifier Quartz Silver (Pre-Owned)

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The advanced Cyrus 8vs amplifier is the latest development of the internationally acclaimed Cyrus integrated amplifier family. Given a top quality source the Cyrus 8vs will paint a truly 3 dimensional acoustic picture with stunningly focused staging of images. Over the last 20 years Cyrus has learned to tune each section of the musical range accurately, so today the Cyrus 8vs is able to faithfully recreate the subtle balance between length of single notes and tonal accuracy

The Cyrus 8vs's sophisticated circuitry required extensive re-tuning after the inclusion of the vs preamp topology. This was a big project lasting 8 months which ensured that the all important low level musical information was being transferred accurately to the listener. Just as in every Cyrus product, only once this subtle information is correctly balanced can the amp provides the precise sense of timing and rhythm upon which much of music's magic is based. Accurate interplay between musicians is based on subliminal information and capturing this information is absolutely vital to the overall success of a hi-fi system. 

It is this ability of Cyrus to finely balance circuitry throughout our systems that makes our components sing. The Cyrus 8vs is, we believe, a significant step forward in integrated amplifier design and will form a valuable and long-lasting cornerstone for your system.

System optimisation - The Cyrus 8vs packs in all the essential features to optimise a quality audio system. A full 70W + 70W//8 ohm output, Six inputs plus full tape monitor, Bi-wirable speaker terminals, headphone output with dedicated power amplifier, Preamplifier output (for bi-amping) and a sophisticated control system with system remote control are all provided.

  • New power supply design for voltage amplifier - Charge pump/regulator maximises power amp efficiency
  • Massive power reserve, high current power amp - Increases available dynamic power
  • Bespoke audio-grade capacitors throughout - These specialist components deliver ultimate transparency
  • Soft-start electronic standby control - Silent power amp switching with no sonic degradation
  • Upgradeable design - Factory upgradeable to full Cyrus 8 specification
  • Precision Volume control - Perfect channel balance at all volume levels
  • Fast bias output stage - Consistent operating conditions at all temperatures.
  • Programmable Input Sensitivity - Equalises volume levels referenced to CD
  • Digital protection circuit - Total protection from short circuits, overheating etc
  • Extensive use of Star-Earthing technique - Enhanced low level resolution
  • Non-magnetic lightweight die-cast chassis - Interference-free low-resonance enclosure
  • MC-BUS™ System BUS - Integrated system control with the CYRUS Range

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