Audiolab 8000S Integrated Amplifier Black (Pre-Owned)

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Audiolab 8000S Integrated Amplifier Black (Pre-Owned)

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The Audiolab 8000S integrated amplifier has been crafted with the famous 8000A as its inspiration. With this fine heritage behind it, the virtues of the system are many; not least of which is flexibility.
Able to operate in any one of five modes the Audiolab 8000S is a more than worthy replacement for - and an essential addition to - any home with a passion for high quality audio.
The power of the Audiolab 8000S is self-evident, with 60 Watts per channel output and a maximum peak output current of over 25 Amps, the system is able to drive most loudspeaker loads with ease and comfort.
The Audiolab 8000S also features 6-line level inputs and has 3 tape loops, all selectable from the supplied system remote control.

  • Mute with a record function unaffected
  • Stand alone pre-amplifier
  • Integrated amplifier
  • Pre-power amplifier with the option to add further amplifiers
  • Pre-power AV, which allows it to work as both a pre and power amplifier separately should you wish to add an AV processor to your system.

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